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Issue #090 [Archived Newsletters] September 1, 2012


National Scotty Rally - East (2013)

Registrations now open and we already have three registered for 2013! Same spot, Cooper's Lake Campground in Slippery Rock, PA. Hopefully the bridge will be reopened and we won't have to deal with the long detour. Dates are Wednesday, July 3 to Sunday, July 7. More info and register...

National Scotty Rally - West (2012)

We had a total of 17 but due to very good various reasons (life happens), 7 had to drop out and ten campers are now enroute to Canon City, CO. This includes a caravan of folks from Ohio, North Carolina and Tennessee who are meeting up on the banks of the Mississippi River in Arkansas to caravan out to Colorado by way of the Grand Canyon. What a story they will have to tell. We have other members meeting up with them on their first night stop - Kevin Helwig, aka Kevin Rear Door Scotty. And, at least one other member who hopes to meet up with them for a photo opportunity somewhere in Oklahoma. Another member is heading out from Maine with a friend and just moseying out there and taking in the sights along the way. He has an opportunity to touch base with the other Scotty group the SSCE, that is camping Labor Day weekend in West Virginia. Really looking forward to seeing pictures. This Rally is being held from September 5-9, 2012 at the Starlite Classic Campground in Canon City, CO.

Upcoming Campouts and Events

Something New for 2013

Host an NSSO event in your locale. You plan it. You schedule it. You let Mabel know about it and Mabel will promote it. Let Mabel know how many attendees you will have and she will mail you official NSSO camp-out decals. These decals have a sticky face and are intended to be placed on a window facing out. They will look something like this one. How cool is that?

Scotty Gatherings

NSSO members Mark Eaton (you may know him better
as Frank Bear, the teardrop guy) and Butch Starner left the campground and came to help Mabel attach her teardrop's roof skin. Thanks again guys.
We couldn't have done it without you!


Ben & Lynn Stiles hosted their annual Kampers Near
Knoebels - three Scottys present this year!


The NSSO camped at Maumee Bay State Park and several of us made the 6 mile jaunt to the original Tony Packos. You may remember Corporal Klinger talking about Tony Packos on Mash. Worth at trip. This is the lunch group - Nancy, Gail & Rachel. Tom, another Gail, another Tom, and the same Nancy hit Packos for dinner the night before.


Welcome Ten New Members from Eight States


  • Tim Viall, Stockton


  • Wendy Mis, Griswold


  • Mary Lesh, Villa Rica


  • David Stanley, Bangor
  • Sherry Campbell, Millinocket


  • Theresa & Ray Howard, Marshfield

North Carolina

  • Jennifer & Hugh Franklin, Denver
  • Scott & Sarah Rickenbacker, Apex

West Virginia

  • Shawna & Chad Hathaway, Bridgeport


  • Kate Stodola, Luxemburg


Units for Sale


Scotty Restorations

The NSSO is very picky when it comes to recommending trailer restorers. Only two people have thus far earned our endorsement: Tom Bernot in Ford City (north of Pittsburgh), PA and new to receive our endorsement, Mark Denlinger in Akron (west of Philadelphia), PA. New this month, we are also adding restorers who members have used and recommend. For more information and to check out their work...

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Scotty Images

Mabel has her 1958 Scotty teardrop
closer to being done

Beau doesn't let a little rain stop him from working on his Scotty.

Beth & Cliff's Scotty is heading to
Mark Denlinger's for a rehab

Bob Clark has spiffied up his Scotty
and is headed to the National Rally West in Canon City, CO

Don continues to work on his HiLander. Betting we will see it at Salisbury Beach in October!

The Hamiltons are heading out camping for Labor Day!

The Howards just picked up this
1966 15' Gaucho

James, right place, right time, to
pick up this Scotty teardrop!

The Kennedys camped in Ohio

Marlee got out and camped (again)!

Look at the Nicholson's pretty red and white Scotty HiLander

The Portelli's 1967 15' Gaucho

The Taylors camped in
northern Michigan

Tim in California just picked
up this 13' Scotty

Vicki has put the finishing touches on her Cleveland Browns Scotty.

Ben, Lynn & Emma also camped at Stone Harbor, NJ. Looks like Emma loves the beach!

Even Hudson & Phoebe Stiles got to ride at Knoebels. Lucky dogs...

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