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Issue #088 [Archived Newsletters] July 1, 2012


National Scotty Rally - East (2012)

Registrations closed last week at 53 with a total of 99 adults, 16 kids, 21 dogs and 3 cats. See you next week. If you did not register, registrations for next year will be opening later this month.

National Scotty Rally - West (2012)

14 registrations in, and only 16 spots left for the first ever National Scotty Rally - West. This Rally will be held from September 5-9, 2012 at the Starlite Classic Campground in Canon City, CO. It is not just a for members only event - all Scotty and other small vintage trailers welcome. If you're coming register now! More info and register... Note that your registration is not counted until your registration fee has been paid.

Upcoming Campouts and Events

Scotty Gatherings

The NSSO held its second annual camp-out at
Flintlock Campground in Boone, NC
Registrations now open for this event in 2013

Check out the slideshow from 2012

Welcome Fifteen New Members from Nine States


  • James Huff, Birmingham


  • Ronald Mack, Spring Hill


  • Mary Daniels, Comer
  • Nicole & Clay Goodwin, Brooks


  • Todd Decker, West Springfield
  • Keith Martin, Danvers
  • John & Jennifer Segal, Amesbury


  • Aaron Hawes, St. Louis

North Carolina

  • Liz & Gary Maurice, Rural Hall


  • Donna Amann, Batavia
  • George Brown, Batavia
  • Tina Herald, Cincinnati


  • Robert Wellman, Pittsburgh
  • Alvin & Lynn Wells, Du Bois


  • Billy & Joan Stone, Danville


Units for Sale


Scotty Restorations

The NSSO is very picky when it comes to recommending trailer restorers. Only two people have thus far earned our endorsement: Tom Bernot in Ford City (north of Pittsburgh), PA and new to receive our endorsement, Mark Denlinger in Akron (west of Philadelphia), PA. New this month, we are also adding restorers who members have used and recommend. For more information and to check out their work...

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Over 7,000 unique visitors who visited over 10,000 times and viewed over 30,000 pages.

Scotty Images

RIP Scrappy (Straight)

Mabel is heading to the Rally

Marlee is busy packing for it

Liz & Gary are heading to the Rally

Eric & Nicole - headed to Virginia

Gail & Rachel still making progress.
Love the graining in that birch!

The Brinks went right to town on their new Scotty. Done in no time!

As did the McKinley's!

Linda just got this cute '89 Scotty

The Metzger's new Scotty "Pearl"

Melinda is doing a really unique rebuild on her Scotty. Wow!

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