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Issue #081 [Archived Newsletters] December 1, 2011


Merry Christmas!
Look at all the trailer ornaments on Paul Hecht's tree!

National Scotty Rally - East (2012)

Eleven registrations are already in for our 2012, eighth annual rally at Slippery Rock. Dates are firmed up, begins on Wednesday, July 4 and ends on Sunday, July 8. The campground has another event there ahead of us and has asked that we please not arrive early as they need the time to clean up after the 1500+ bikers. Our theme is already set as well, "Travel Right! Travel Light!! The Scotty Way!!!".
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National Scotty Rally - West (2012)

Four registrations in already for the first ever National Scotty Rally - West. This Rally will be held from September 5-9, 2012 at the Starlite Classic Campground in Canon City, CO. It is not just a for members only event - all Scotty and other small vintage trailers welcome. Mabel and I are very excited about it and we've heard there may be some folks flying in from the east to go and renting one of the vintage campers! Only 30 spots for this one - if you're coming register early!
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Upcoming Campouts and Events

Join us for the third annual Winter Camp-in —
Anywhere you are!
(see below)

Welcome Three New Members from Two Countries!

Alabama (USA)

  • Bill & Becky Brown, Killen

Canada (Ontario)

  • Albert Inglis & Kim Lacelle, Nepean

Maine (USA)

  • Tracy Butler, Carrabassett Valley


Units for Sale

Scotty Parts

Scotty Restorations

The NSSO is very picky when it comes to recommending trailer restorers. Only two people have thus far earned our endorsement: Tom Bernot in Ford City (north of Pittsburgh), PA and new to receive our endorsement, Mark Denlinger in Akron (west of Philadelphia), PA. For more information and to check out their work...

Other Retro/Trailer Sites, Blogs & Online Magazines

Facebook Fans

473 members on our Facebook page, with 338 of them active this month. Lots of pictures and conversations go on here. Check it out!

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NSSO Website Stats

Over 80,000 unique visitors in 2011 so far. We've had over 2000 visitors from 234 cities in Canada and thousands of visitors from nearly every country in the world. We had 146 unique visitors on Dec. 1 alone, who visited over 500 pages! WOW. In November we had visitors from all 50 states, including 3 from Hawaii. Featuring visitors from the State of Michigan this month. Incredible high amount of visitors from within 10 miles of my home town and I don't know who they are. If you read this, drop me an email!

Visits by Michigan

Scotty Images

Mark Denlinger of PA
Only the second person to receive
the elusive and highly regarded endorsement of the NSSO!

Mabel hired Mark rebuild the windows for her Scotty Teardrop (Ted). They are amazing!

Ben & Lynn made the Vintage
Trailer Supply homepage!

Richard Martin has the 14th
Scotty manufactured in the
Bristow, OK plant. An early build,
VIN of 1962 - plant officially opened
in 1963! Nice looking Scotty Rich.

The original 1930s Serro Diner
(belonged to John's cousin)
Reopening soon on the Lincoln Hwy
Read the article...

Richard Skinner's first camp-out
with his newly rebuilt Scotty

Dominic and Marlee camped
their way down to FL (in PA here)

The life of Marlee, the camping cat

Marlee, Dom & Ray camped at
Jonathan Dickens in Florida
for Thanksgiving

Gail & Rachel are making progress
on their '65 rebuild

Their cat Radcliffe helps by holding
down the tracings of the table
and dinette bench Nancy made from
the Baker's Scotty at Turkey Camp

Mabel is making progress on Ted

Dave's getting a nice shine on
his '60 Mattress Model Trudie

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