Issue #008 [Archived Newsletters] November 1, 2005


National Rally

It looks like National Rally 2006 at Coopers Lake Campground in Slippery Rock, PA will be even bigger and better than the 2005 rally. We've heard from many new folks that they plan to attend and we will have some Scotty models that we did not see in 2005, an 18' Trunkback, a newer 16.5' Scotty (dual axles), and even a 1969 13' Gaucho with front and rear side windows! Keep checking here for more information!

Upcoming Rallys and Campouts

  • Vintage Scotty & Shasta Spring Campout, Bidwell Point Arkansas: 5/11-5/14/2006
  • Slippery Rock 2006 Rally
    7/19-7/24/2006 Coopers Lake Campground, Slippery Rock, PA.
  • "Bridge Day 2006" Fall Campout

Potlucks and Other Events

Welcome New Folks

  • Andy Curran, Westbrook, ME
    1971 13' Gaucho
  • Bobby Kelly, Cullman, AL
    1965 13' Gaucho
  • Dana & Cathy Cooper, Mounds, OK
    1973 13' Gaucho
  • Dan DeRosso, Shoreham, NY
    Looking for a Scotty
  • Dave & Karen Hoff, West Newton, PA
    1971 18' Trunkback
  • David Rhodes, Flagstaff, AZ
    1968 13' Tonga
  • Ernie Stewart, Commerce, MI
    1972 13' Gaucho
  • Gail Parker, Charlevoix, MI
    1964 Scotty
  • Gary Mellen, Sanford, FL
    Selling a 1968 Scotty
  • Jeff & Teri Dean, McDonough, GA
    1980s 16.5' Scotty
  • Jesse Prall, Harbeson, DE
    1966 13' Gaucho
  • John Mollish, Maryville, TN
    1970 13' Gaucho
  • Judy & Jay Jones, Ponca City, OK
    1965 13' Gaucho
  • Liz Keifer, Charlotte, NC
    Wants a Scotty
  • Lois Roberts, Pawtucket, RI
    1984 19' Scotty
  • Mary Kelley, Rough & Ready, CA
    Looks Like A Scotty
  • Max & Donna Castillo, Cottonwood, AZ
    1973 15' Scotty
  • Melissa Decker, Louisville, KY
    Wants A Scotty
  • Michael Hogan, Sacramento, CA
    1964 15' HiLander
  • Mike Williams, Morristown, TN
    Looking For A Scotty
  • Norm & Charlee Westerman, Seminole, FL
    1968 15' Gaucho
  • Patrika Brown, Carson, NM
    1963 15' Scotty
  • Phil Adam, Simi Valley, CA
    Wants A Scotty
  • RL & Judy Parker, Zebulon, GA
    1970 15' HiLander
  • Robert Broome, Butler, PA
    1973 18' Trunkback
  • Ted McGinnis, Sugar Grove, NC
    1978 13' Gaucho
  • Valerie Palen, Shenorock, NY
    1966 15' Scotty

Trentley Family Camping, ca. 1968
The Trentley family (rear Kim, front from left to right, Anne, Fran Jr. & Lynn at Arrow Head Trailer Park in Delvan, NY, 1968 and their 1967 HiLander.

Units for Sale

Want more Scotty information?

Other Vintage Trailer Sites


Our Web site,, had 14,337 visits during the month of October. WOW!

Scotty Images

Colin Clutter
Colin Lee Clutter
Our Youngest Member!


Norfork Lake Ferry
One of the Norfork Lake, Arkansas
Ferrys, since replaced with a bridge
Postcard from the 1966 Kroes family vacation at Bidwell Point


Steve & Angie Martinshy's 1969 Gaucho
Steve & Angie Martinsky's recently restored 1969 Gaucho on its first campout, 10/29/05. Note the windows on the back.
Nice job Steve & Angie!


Robert Broome's 1973 Trunkback
Robert Broome's 1973 Trunkback


Dennis Lyttle's HiLander Camping in Michigan
Dennis Lytle's HiLander enjoying a fall campout in northern Michigan


Cujo & Chiquito Lyttle
Cujo and Chiquito Lytle enjoy the HiLander!

History Tidbit

October 1966
Courtesy Juergen Eichenmueller

Parts for Sale

  • Shelley in Bismarck, ND is parting out a '64 HiLander. If you need parts you can e-mail her or call her at 701-323-9029 or 701-426-8307.
  • Parts available, pickup only, on Cape Cod. More info.


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