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Issue #078 [Archived Newsletters] September 1, 2011


National Scotty Rally - East (2012)

Registrations have already begun for our 2012, eighth annual rally at Slippery Rock. Dates are firmed up, begins on Wednesday, July 4 and ends on Sunday, July 8. The campground has another event there ahead of us and has asked that we please not arrive early as they need the time to clean up after the 1500+ bikers. Our theme is already set as well, "Travel Right! Travel Light!! The Scotty Way!!!".

The Airstreamers will be there the same time as us, celebrating their third annual birthday (Wally Byam's) bash. Should be a lot of fun for everyone as we'll be looking to do some mingling of the two groups.

More info and to register...

National Scotty Rally - West (2012)

Registration is also now open for the first ever National Scotty Rally - West. This Rally will be held from September 5-9, 2012 at the Starlite Classic Campground in Canon City, CO. It is not a for members only event - all Scotty and other small vintage trailers welcome.

More info and to register...

Upcoming Campouts and Events

Still time to register for Acadia in Maine - looks like we'll have about 20 campers there.

Scotty Gatherings

Group Photo - Bill Kerola's Big Little Rally, Transfer, PA

Welcome Ten New Members from Seven States!


  • David Nix, Birmingham


  • Gail Luera, Ann Arbor
  • George & Diane Kullis, Holly


  • Lowell Appling, Moberly

New York

  • Ron Lunzman, Cherry Valley

North Carolina

  • Ross & Carla Wade, Lansing


  • John Bainbridge, Waterford
  • Beth Lennon & Cliff Hillis, Phoenixville
  • Howard McGrew, Elizabeth


  • Matt & Mary Burk, Bartlett

Units for Sale

Scotty Parts

Scotty Restorations

The NSSO is very picky when it comes to recommending trailer restorers. Only two people have thus far earned our endorsement: Tom Bernot in Ford City (north of Pittsburgh), PA and new to receive our endorsement, Mark Denlinger in Akron (west of Philadelphia), PA. For more information and to check out their work...

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Facebook Fans

Over 400 very active members on Facebook with lots of pictures and conversations posted here. Check it out!

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NSSO Website Stats

In August, we had over 9,000 visitors who viewed over 48,000 pages. Visitors came from 39 countries with most coming from the US and Canada. In the US, we had visitors from every state!

Visits by state


2011 National Scotty Rally videos are now online!


RetroRoadmap visited us at the Rally and wrote it up!


What happened at Cooper's Lake
after the Scottys and Airstreams went home!


Scotty Images

Arpin's Grandson Matthew
(or what happens when Aunt and
Uncle volunteer to watch you)
Watch the video...

Jackie in Texas finally got her
Scotty back. Repro wings.

Jane, Don & Maggie camped

Bill, Marge & Jericho camped at
Sparrow Pond, Waterford, PA

Scott camped at the New London
Ohio Reservoir

Ace, Lisa & Kids took the Tonga
to their Maine Camp

Marlee enjoyed the Rally DVD and
his special treat from Mabel

Dominic has installed new gravel
guards front and rear on Ms. Silvia

Ron's '49 Chevy Fleetline -how cool would that look towing a silverside?

Bill, Nora & Tess hosted a pre-
Big/Little Rally party

CC & Greg at Webelos Camp

And, at Baltimore's Inner Harbor

Joe picked up a '68 Scotty for
daughter Carrie

New members Lueras getting ready
to install a new bumper on their '62


Lilly Denlinger - getting ready to
work on Mabel's Scotty tear's windows!

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