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Issue #049 [Archived Newsletters] April 1, 2009


National Rally

We are now up to 16 registrations. That's 18 trailers, including a 2008 HiLander, a 28' Scotty, and a Scotty Rear Door! That's also 29 adults, nine 2-legged kids, twelve 4-legged kids of the barking type, one 4-legged kid who meows, and one 2-legged kid who flies. Be sure to sign up soon for your spot at the biggest and best of the National Scotty Rallys. Tuesday, July 7 to Sunday, July 12. For more information and to register...

If you did not register/attend the 2008 Rally and would like a CD, you may purchase one here.

Upcoming Campouts and Events

Scotty, Scotty, Scotty!

Dawn and her Scotty girls are making great
strides on their 1966 Tonga total rebuild. We'll be seeing this one at Camp Dearborn in May!

Welcome New Members:


  • Larry & Macy Purtle, North Little Rock


  • Christie Mahl, Montrose
  • Diana Whisler, Abbottstown

Units for Sale

Scotty Parts

Scotty Restorations

Tom Bernot is doing trailer repairs and rebuilds. Tom's work is really superb ( check it out ). Tom is the only restorer to receive the endorsement of the NSSO. Beware of others! Tom's located 30 miles N. of Pittsburgh and can be contacted via e-mail to or phone at 724-763-8025.

Other Trailer Sites & Online Magazines

NSSO Rally CDs: Purchase CD
Vintage Trailer CDs:
E-mail Juergen
Vintage Trailer Art: Paige Bridges
Vintage Trailer Art: Richard Neuman

Web Stats

In March, our site averaged 454 hits per hour, 10,913 hits per day, and had 338,325 hits for the month. Again, we had visitors from all 50 states, but the top ten states for visitors were, in order, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Michigan, California, Texas, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia. We had visitors from 50 countries, including the US with the top ten countries, in order, United States, France, Canada, Romania, China, Germany, Netherlands, Russian Federation, Great Britain, and Australia.

Not a Scotty, but wouldn't you love to see this Eljay? (thanks Juergen!)
See a bigger pic...

Grippy Holders, from the 50's and when they're gone, they're gone. These look really great in a vintage Scotty and so useful too!
See more pics and order...

Scotty Images

I recently discovered these
videos while doing some research
for work. Sean graciously allowed
me to link to their
The Long Long Honeymoon site

Kevin & April got a 1990 28' Scotty
Looks like Max & Little Dog approve.
See you all at Slippery Rock!
See more pics...

Walnutt, Becky, Skip and & new
brother Diego. Watch the video...

Dominick and Daisy Mae came home
(Maine) from Florida and found this!

Gail, Jeff, Maggie & her friend Pepper
got to camp out in OH in March!
See a bigger pic...

Tom & Ethel stepped up in the world
& bought this BIG motorhome

The Trentley's got a couple of new "kids". And wow, how Chase & Chance have grown since
we saw them in 2006!

Ace junked this Scotty & saved
some of its pieces and parts.
E-mail Ace if you're looking!

(Image courtesy of Juergen)

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