Scotty Newsletter
Issue #045 [Archived Newsletters] December 1, 2008

National Rally

We already have eight registrations in for the 2009 rally which will be held Tuesday, July 7 to Sunday, July 12. For more information and to register...

If you did not register/attend the 2008 Rally and would like a CD, you may purchase one here.

Upcoming NSSO Events

  • Nothing actually scheduled yet, but many 2009 events are in the planning stages.

Scotty Gatherings

Brenda & Bob Goeckel of Flint, MI with Mabel Kroes. They visited Nancy & Mabel on Nov. 8 and went home with a truck load of pieces and parts and really cool stuff for their Scotty project (seen in last month's newsletter)

Ben, with Hudson & Lynn, with Mabel, Stiles of Strasburg, PA came to pick up their 1961 13' Front Kitchen on Nov. 22. Watch how the former "Little Cowgirl" is transformed by following her progress in the rebuilds section.

Welcome New Members:


  • Joshua Brankman, San Francisco


  • Christine Bravy, Villa Rica


  • Irene Reising, Paducah


  • Frank Barich, Parkville
  • Susan Brennerman, Severna Park


  • Danielle Perigard, Attleboro


  • Karen McPherson, Negaunee

North Carolina

  • Steven Forst, Ashville


  • Deane & Dawn Barr, Strasburg
  • Paul King, Apollo


  • Don Geren, Cleveland


  • Mindi Crabb, Pinedale

Units for Sale

Scotty Parts

Scotty Restorations

Tom Bernot is doing trailer repairs and rebuilds. Tom's work is really superb ( check it out ). Tom is the only restorer to receive the endorsement of the NSSO. Beware of others! Tom's located 30 miles N. of Pittsburgh and can be contacted via e-mail to or phone at 724-763-8025.

Other Trailer Sites & Online Magazines

NSSO Rally CDs: Purchase CD
Vintage Trailer CDs:
E-mail Juergen
Vintage Trailer Art: Paige Bridges
Vintage Trailer Art: Richard Neuman

Web Site Stats

In November we again had visitors from all 50 states. Top ten states for visitors are, in order, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, California, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, Maryland, and Florida. Our busiest single day of the month was November 22, when we had over 300 unique visitors. 52% of our visitors are returning and 48% are new.


Scotty Images

Mabel turned five. She's watching the e-card that Marlee sent her.
Thanks Marlee! Happy birthday to Bev M. that day also.

Alex & Marlene's son Hartman
also had a birthday in November. See more pics...

Mom Jill has Winnie & Maggie Thomson of NM all ready for winter

Norma & Eddie's 1969 15' Gaucho.
See the before pics (and after)

Jeff camped with his early 50s
Chris Craft trailer. Looking good Jeff!

Rick had this spare tire mount added
to the front of his Scotty.
See the pic...

Christi & Terry's 1961 15' FK
decorated for Christmas!

Bill & Cheri's Scotty
ready for Christmas

Looks like Santa Claus visited
Tom & Janice in Ford City, PA.
Who knew he liked Scottys?

Nancy & Mabel have started the
1959 Rear Door Scotty rebuild.
See more pics...

Grippy Holders - COOL!

Grippy Holders, from the 50's and when they're gone, they're gone. These look really great in a vintage Scotty and so useful too!
See more pics and order...

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