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Issue #027 [Archived Newsletters] June 1, 2007


National Rally

July 11-15 in Slippery Rock, PA: Forty-two Scottys and one Frolic signed up - coming from as far away as Nevada! I think we have reached maximum capacity for electrical connections! If you didn't sign up already, you may have to consider next year - sorry!

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These events aren't sponsored by the National Serro Scotty Organization, but group members may find them of interest. Please contact the listed person for more information.

Scotty Gatherings

First ever Michigan Scotty gathering, from left: Doug McCormick, Tyler Neal with Mabel Kroes, Nancy Kroes, Josh and Maddie Neal, Kim Neal and Ben and Piper Neal. Tom was taking the picture and the McGuires had already left.

Here are the McGuires at the first Michigan Scotty gathering, along with Mabel, the mooch!

And, a second Michigan gathering was held the next weekend, when Terry and Christi came up from Arkansas to pick up the 1961 Sportsman 15 (Scotty 3) that they bought from Nancy. From left: Janine, Isaac & Jason Byler, Christi, holding Mabel, and Terry Partee

Welcome New Members:

New membership is closed right now due to moving to our new *official* site. The Yahoo Group will be going away and everyone will have to rejoin the NSSO Organization in its new location. Watch here for the announcement!

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Want more Scotty information?

This unit was built from a 1954 Cadillac!
(Image courtesy of Juergen)

Other Trailer Sites

2007 Scotty Site

Scotty Images

First outing of the 2007 HiLander
at Moab for the Darren Hollingsworth family of Colorado

Another Happy Camper
Dominick, picking up his Scotty
from Tom Bernot

Tom Bernot
putting a Scotty to good use!


Debra Carbarne's new interior

Rick & Kevin Forester
picking up their Scotty done by
Ace Goldburg


Michelle, who got her Scotty
from Ace last month - working away

Joe and Aimee have finished their Alaskan Scotty rebuild
Check it out!

Mabel is getting a new Scotty!
See more pics...

The McGuires, loading up Nancy's
Scotty 5, the parts Scotty.
This Scotty was put to good use - with pieces and parts of it going to fix three Scottys, all the way down to Arkansas!

Happy Dogs!
Piper & Maddie Neal, at the first ever Michigan Scotty gathering

Scotty Restorations

Tom Bernot is doing trailer repairs and rebuilds. Tom's work is really superb - check it out . He's located 30 miles N. of Pittsburgh and can be contacted via e-mail to or phone at 724-763-8025.

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