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Issue #002 [Archived Newsletters] May 02, 2005


National Rally

The National Scotty Rally for 2005, July 21-25, at Coopers Lake Campground, near Slippery Rock, PA continues to take shape. The planning committee has accumulated a large pool of prizes and events and this could be the best rally yet. A National Rally is a great opportunity for you to show off what you've done, and see what others have done. Plus there's lots of fun for everyone! This year's rally will feature the first annual Dutch Oven Cookoff so if you have a Dutch Oven, dust it off and bring your best recipe. A great prize goes to the winner, and you get bragging rights until the next National Rally! More info...

Potlucks and Other Events

Welcome New Folks

  • Carl & Paula Berube of South Carolina, looking for a Scotty.
  • Charlie from Indiana, with a 1966 HiLander.
  • Dean & Mary of Arnold, MO with a 1973 13' Gaucho.
  • Doug & Sue Fullington of Beeville, TX with a 1968 Scotty
  • Jack Paulishen of New Haven, CT, with a 1975 HiLander.
  • James Gudat of Dallas, TX, with a 1968 15' HiLander
  • Jim & Linda LaFlamme of Myrtle Beach, SC, with a 1973 15' Gaucho.
  • Kathy, Mark & Katie Bailey of Johns Island, SC, with a 1966 13' Gaucho.
  • Kelly from Camden, ME, with a 1973 13' Gaucho.
  • Regina Jenkins of Ocean Springs, MS, with a 1970 13' Gaucho.
  • Roxanne & Jerry of NE Florida, with a 1975 15' Gaucho.
  • Terry & sons from Ohio, with a 1969 15' Scotty.
  • Tess Keiper of Weatherly, PA, with a 13' Gaucho.
  • Will & Lori Sander of Eaton, CO, with a 1973 13' Gaucho.

Meet the Baileys: Kathy, Mark & Katie

The Baileys acquired their Scotty five years ago after Kathy had printed a picture of a similar looking camper and hung it in the window of her 1955 Chevy's window to advertise that she was looking for a vintage camper. A customer of her auto restoration business saw the picture and had an uncle who had "an older camper he might want to get rid of". Kathy and Mark drove the 80 miles to look and happily discovered it was a Scotty. Its fate was sealed!

Kathy is in the auto restoration business with her Dad and they do mostly custom streetrod interiors. They do all their personal cars themselves, paint, interiors, engines, etc. Mark works in the bodyshop office of a Chevrolet dealer so bodywork is no problem either! Daughter Katie is 10 years old.

Kathy and Mark sure didn't know what they were getting in for when they bought their Scotty, but it has all been worth it. They live on John's Island, SC, about 10 miles from downtown Charleston. Kathy's tow vehicle is her 1955 "SUV" Chevy, affectionately known as Nellie. She is driven every day!

Units for Sale

Want more Scotty information?

Scotty Images

Kevin and Nancy's "Ittybitty"
Congratulations on a job well done by Kevin in TN on his and Nancy's "Ittybitty" a very rare 12' Scotty Rear Door! We all hope to see this cutie at a rally sometime.


Another view of Kevin's Reardoor
And another view of "Ittybitty" with people, showing just how tiny she is. Kevin is the guy on the right, wearing the hat!


Coopers Lake Campground
Coopers Lake Campground in Slippery Rock, PA, site of the 2005 National Rally in July.


Charlie from Indiana's 1968(?) HiLander


Nellie, Kathy Bailey's 1955 daily driver! Shown here with their 1966 13' Gaucho.


Steve from Texas's New Tabletop

Kevin & Donna's 1961 15' Front Kitchen in Dracut, MA


Mabel, the camp cooking rat terrier

Mabel's Ovenette Peach Cobbler

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