Issue #160 [Archived Newsletters] September and October, 2018


We return to Pennsylvania in 2019 - Pine Grove Furnace State Park (see below)

We will camp Niagara Falls, the US side in 2019 (see below)

We are returning to Silver Springs in Ocala, Florida in 2019 (see below)

And returning to Tom Sawyer RV Park on the Mississippi River in spring of 2020

This was the view out the door of Mabel's Scotty at our previous Tom Sawyer event

Also in 2020 a three stop Michigan event that will take in Lake Michigan and Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, then cross the state to Lake Huron for a glass bottomed boat tour of shipwrecks and then we will end at Algonac State Park on the shore of the St. Clair River which is part of the St. Lawrence Seaway for ocean traffic accessing the great lakes.

Camper's Cove in Alpena for the Lake Huron step of the event

And Algonac where it was so much fun to just hang out and watch the river traffic with a friend or two.

Attentention all Alaskan NSSO members

This isn't an official NSSO event however Nancy and Ed and Peggy Kowalski, all NSSO members will be flying in to Anchorage in July of 2019, renting an RV and touring. We will be camping in Talkeetna, Riley Creek in Denali, Fairbanks, Tok, Glennallen, Eagle River in Chugach State Park, on the Homer Spit and in Seward. Some members from Ontario, Canada may be driving with trailers to join us in Tok and carry on from there. It would be great if any Alaskan members could join us at any of these campgrounds that may be near to them. This is very likely the only time the NSSO will be in Alaska!

Camping Opportunities

Scotty Gatherings

The NSSO gathered at Wilderness State Park at the northern tip of Michigan's lower peninsula on beautiful Lake Michigan. Watch the slideshow...

Scotty-less Gathering

Nancy, her sister DeeAnn and NSSO members Ed and Peggy Kowalski did a fly-in by float plane to Isle Royale National Park in August to celebrate Nancy's retirement after 48 years of employment, 32 of which were at Western Michigan University. Watch the slideshow...

Welcome new members!


  • Crystal Penrod, Kenai


  • Debbie and John Watson, Jacksonville


  • Susie Soave, Blue Ridge
  • Hal Wingfield, Temple


  • Gene Miller, Marion


  • Mary Lou Rossetti, Somerset
  • Tracy and Charlie Tarr, Benton


  • Sean Ryan, Gorham


  • Bette Chew, Berkley
  • Jessica Glover, Ashfield
  • Cate Twohill, Longmeadow


  • Jim West, Saint Ignace

New Hampshire

  • LaraLee Cote, Sanbornton

New Mexico

  • Jennifer Weil, Santa Fe

North Carolina

  • Amy Herman, Morganton
  • Harvey Jones, Wallace


  • Jane Dorsey, North Olmsted
  • John Kirk, Cardington

Ontario, Canada

  • Martin Van Trigt, Carlisle


  • Kristy Johnson, Trafford

Quebec, Canada

  • Jean Francois Lehoux, Quebec

South Carolina

  • Mark Teal, Liberty


  • Mariann Craddock, New Braunfels


  • Stan Rowe, Moneta

Looking to buy a trailer?


Scotty Restorations

We won't recommend any particular restoration shop. But we do provide guidelines to help your search. See our guidelines...

Other Cool/Retro/Trailer Sites

The NSSO got a new assistant and Mabel got a new sister. Meet Molly Magnolia, a senior german shephard/beagle we just adopted. She rides like a pro so expect to meet her at upcoming NSSO events.

Creighton and his pups hosted an NSSO event at Fallen Leaf and only two others showed. Hope all who came had a great time.

The Poes set off on a western adventure only to have it cut short when daughter Linnea broke her leg.

A fellow Scotty owner from the UP (Michigan's upper penninsula) showed up at Nancy's house unexpectedly looking for Scotty parts. He left with a NOS amber Arrow #53 running light and we had a nice chat.

Andrew Lumen added a kitchen window to his Scotty. Looks great!

Barbara Mathes out with her Scotty for the first time. Hung in with the big guys.

Bo Waldrop out and about

Dan Zen's grandchildren came for a visit

Jack Mounteer polished his Scotty to head from Florida up to the NSSO Wilderness Park event in Michigan

Joann Simon at Dinosaur Valley park in Texas

Laura Lee Cotes new 1986 Scotty

The Mansfields getting one last camp-out in in Canada

Martin Van Trigt out with his HiLander and 1951 Mercury pick-up

Matt Kaemmingo out and about

Peggy Seller's Front Kitchen

Sylvia Elands camping in N. Georgia to escape the Florida heat

Kenny, Connie and Lizzie camped

Brett Dixon has excellent help

Bryan Maynard is really close!

Gary Futrill has a project ahead of him

Jessica Glover's new Scotty

Ken Jones got his HiLander painted

Pamela Morris is making progress

Suzie Soave has a project ahead

Terri Ziolkowski - how cute!

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