Issue #158 [Archived Newsletters] July 1, 2018


Still sites left with the rest of us for the Wilderness State Park (Michigan) event in September. One of the side trips we will do from Wilderness involves looking for Petoskey stones. These beautiful fossils are only found in northern Michigan. Sign up for the event and find your's! More info...

The third stop on the southern road trip is Natchez, MS. We will be driving the Natchez Trace from stop two, Tupelo to get there. One side trip we will make is to Nutt's Folly (Longwood Plantation). This elaborate house was being built when the Civil War halted construction. The house was never completed. Right now all sites at the campground are booked, but keep checking for cancellations.

The fourth stop on the Road Trip South in November is near Birmingham, AL where we will visit Vulcan Park as a side trip. Vulcan is the largest cast iron statue in the world. You may still be able to get sites for the Road Trip South in November. Come join us - if not for the whole five stop trip, for one or more stops. More information...

The fifth stop on the Road Trip South is Cumberland Falls in Corbin, KY

We are taking a side trip to Augusta, GA from our camp-out May, 2019, an hour away from Calhoun Falls in South Carolina. T's Restaurant in Augusta has the best hush puppies, bar none, in the world. So says Nancy Kroes. You may still be able to get in at Calhoun...

Another event added in 2019 - October at Niagara Falls, US side. More info...

It is never to early to start planning. The NSSO will return to Tom Sawyer's RV Park on the Mississippi River in West Memphis, Arkansas in April of 2020 (yes, 2020). Eight miles across the river in Tennessee is Memphis which is exciting to visit. Plus of course for Elvis fans, Graceland is there. It is fun though to just hang out on the river and watch the continuous river traffic pass by. Watch the slideshow from our first trip there. Way too early to reserve sites yet, but more information is here.

Michigan is a beautiful state, surrounded by the Great Lakes. The NSSO will return to Michigan in 2020 (again, yes, 2020) and camp near Alpena which is on Lake Huron. Part of the draw here is the Alpena Shipwreck cruise in a glass bottom boat. Over 200 shipwrecks are in the lake around Alpena. The cruise does not, of course, hit all of them, but what fun to see the ones they do! Too early to reserve, but do check out the webpage for this event and start thinking about coming.

Camping Opportunities

A new book by an NSSO member

NSSO member Patty Farrin says "step inside this diminutive vintage camper and see and smell the freshly baked cupcakes and fragrant tea. While Amy and her Mom are enjoying a tea party together, something magical happens that changes Amy's perspective forever. With her Mother's love and guidance, a powerful life lesson is learned. Based on a true story [and Patty's 1967 Serro Scotty], this book is sure to please all ages. Books are available on and at Maine Authors Publishing.

Welcome new members!


  • Terry and Deborah Stowe, Gadsden


  • Jack Mounteer, Chuluota


  • Steve and Jill O'Leary, Fort Wayne


  • Kirsten and Perry Milliken, Portland


  • Catherine McAuliffe, Plainwell

New York

  • Liz and Marybeth Taggart, Rochester

North Carolina

  • Susan and Mitch Elliott, Mount Gilead

Nova Scotia

  • Natalie Bonang and Dale Ehler, Dartmouth


  • Georgina King, Cedar Valley


  • Tommy Schardt, Dover

South Carolina

  • David Benjamin, Charleston
  • Finley and Louise Limehouse, Beech Island


  • Brendan and Cindy Faller


  • Yvonne Marshall, Boerne

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Scotty Restorations

We won't recommend any particular restoration shop. But we do provide guidelines to help your search. See our guidelines...

Other Cool/Retro/Trailer Sites

Nancy Kroes, NSSO founder, has retired. This was a retirement gift from work.

The Metcalfes were honored to have their 1970 Chevy C10 and 1975 HiLander chosen for the t-shirts of the 100th Anniversary of Chevy Trucks event. Congratulations!

The Blackburns were camping in TN

The Bonang/Ehlers were out and about

The Waldrops camping in FL

Wes and Dottie Cray took their '51 Ford and Scotty out

The Elliott HiLander was out camping

Tom and Margie Fisher camping in NC

The Poes camped in MN with their girls

Sandy Waller enjoyed breakfast at home in her Scotty

The Jarzomskis said goodbye to their Scotty Miss Molly

Ian Thomas got a new tow vehicle

Andrew Luman is adding a window in his kitchen

Brett Dixon is working on his Yellowstone

Bryan Maynard found a local source for new skins and edge trim

David Benjamin's new to him Trunkback

Jim and Maria's Scotty is getting worked on

Kirsten and Perry Milliken are working on their Scotty

The Morrises are working on their's and have widened the frame

Jack Mounteer is working on his Tonga and has modified and extended his frame, will be making his trailer taller and is adding gray and black water tanks

Tommy Schardt is in the process of stripping old paint

The Ziolkowskis are working on their Scotty



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