Issue #154 [Archived Newsletters] March 2, 2017


Sadly the NSSO lost 1/3 of its Administrative team in February when Matty Matilda Kroes passed away unexpectedly. We shall miss her always smiling face and her I will try anything attitude. She never camped until she was 10 years old and she embraced it, and the NSSO like a trooper. She will be sadlly missed.

We can start reserving sites for our September 2018 event at Wilderness State Park on Lake Michigan on March 9. Be quick to reserve if you are going. This is a very popular Michigan campground and it may very likely fill up quick, even in September.

Lakeshort at Wilderness State Park on Lake Michigan in Carp Lake, MI. If you are coming to this event in September, we are looking at the Lakeshore#1 loop. More info on the web page.

Camping Opportunities

Welcome new members!


  • Betty Walker, Conway


  • Mickey Danis, Ames


  • Cindy Guy, Golden
  • Sarah Carey, Natchez


  • Paula Beatty, Washington


  • Merion Morgan, Memphis
  • Perry Tilghman, Chapmansboro


  • Charles Keller, Ennis


Looking to buy a trailer?




Scotty Restorations

We won't recommend any particular restoration shop. But we do provide guidelines to help your search. See our guidelines...


Other Cool/Retro/Trailer Sites

Betty Walker's '69 Gaucho 13. It is probably a Bristow, OK Scotty.

Bill and Karen camped in Florida with their new "nice" squirrel Skidaway

Bryan Maynard has his frame work done

Jack Bretall is modifying his frame to add a storage area under the floor behind the axle.

Ken Jones has been making tremendous progress with his frame-up

As has Jason Ayers - new paint!

New paint for Tim and Cindi Greene as well

Mike Travis is down to curtains and cushions on his frame up -very nice!

And Zach and Jenn will soon be out and about in their nearly finished frame up

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