Issue #153 [Archived Newsletters] February 2, 2017


Our next event is Fall Creek Falls in Tennessee over Memorial weekend. Campground has been fully booked for months, however cancellations may occur at any time. Others have recently been able to book. Keep trying if you are wanting to come to this event. Going to be fun - we have 18 campers signed up thus far. See more...

Fishtown in Leland, Michigan will be only one of the quaint villages we visit when we spend a week exploring the tip of the little finger in Up North Michigan in September. We cannot book sites now, but be thinking about this one as sites will book very fast and we should be ready to book Day One. Mabel will be reminding you. Read more...

We will follow the Natchez Trace when we drive from Tupelo (stop2) to Natchez, Mississippi (stop3) for our Southern Road Trip in November. We'll be able to stop along the way and actually hike a bit of the historic trail. If you are coming to any of the five stops on this event - Stop 1 in Indiana, Stops 2 and 3 in Mississippi (with a side trip to Louisiana), Stop 4 near Birmingham, Alabama and stop 5 in Kentucky, most stops can be booked now. Mabel will remind you about booking for stop 5. See more...

You've been asking for us to return since our final National Scotty Rally in 2012. Yes, we will be returning to Pennsylvania! Not until 2019, but it will be a great location and we hope we see many of your former NSSO National Rally attendees there. Check it out...


Camping Opportunities


Welcome new members!


  • Susanna Iacono, Athens


  • Stacey and David Kelly, Minneapolis


  • Marenda Zeronas, New Castle

Quebec Canada

  • Stephan Begin, Louiseville


Famous Scotty

A picture of Tim and Susan Viall's rebuilt 1964 Scotty at Yosemite was chosen for the cover of Travel Trailer Life magazine. Kudos Tim and Susan! Beautiful picture, well deserved honor.


Looking to buy a trailer?




Scotty Restorations

We won't recommend any particular restoration shop. But we do provide guidelines to help your search. See our guidelines...


Other Cool/Retro/Trailer Sites

Andrew Luman is making progress

As is Bryan Maynard who is framing his side walls

George Keck is moving right along

Jack Bretall is installing a new axle on his rebuild

Mary Kampf and daughters are finishing the job her husband started (RIP). Good job ladies, make lots of wonderful memories!

Matt Audet's HiLander in progress - he modified the front of the bump and added length for a bigger bed. Nice job Matt!

Mike Travis has his rebuild all insulated

Nate Hedden is moving right along

Zach Engle has added LED lighting

AV Groves, nice stone shield

The Iacono's new Scotty and 1936 Plymouth

Rich and Vicki Tessmer's early Front Kitchen

Bill and Karen Pruss are out and about and someone is looking for them!

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