Issue #144 [Archived Newsletters] May 1, 2017


Decide SOON you want to join us on the caravan west to Iowa. The caravan will leave Mabel's Glade in Delton, MI and stops first at the RV Museum in Elkhart, IN. Then we travel to Illinois and camp for two nights at Starved Rock State Park. We head to Maquoketa Caves State Park in Iowa for the rest of the trip. Booking sites for stop 1, Starved Rock State Park began April 5!

Last year's canceled trip to Acadia National Park is back on for this year. Only this year, it has been upgraded to a ROAD TRIP! First stop Schodack Island State Park on the Hudson River in New York. Sites for this road trip can be reserved NOW! More information...

Second stop on the Acadia Road Trip is Acadia National Park where we will once again camp at Smuggler's Den in Southwest Harbor on the island.

Final stop will be Lake Durant in the Adirondacks. We will arrive there for the final two days of the annual Adirondack Antiques Fair, held at both Blue Mountain Lake and Indian Lake. (I call dibs on the moose antlers!).

Fort Pulaski National Monument will be one of the side trips we will enjoy enroute from Skidaway Island State Park in November to Tybee Island in Savannah. We can reserve sites NOW for the Skidaway Island event (not specific sites, a site will be chosen when you arrive). If you are coming to this event, reserve soon because the campground informed me that this is their busiest time.

We can reserve our sites for Fall Creek Falls in Tennessee, Memorial weekend 2018's event beginning on May 22, 2017. More info...

Chances are not likely you can get a site at Assateague - but do check, cancellations do happen. Mabel has had her site for a year now and she has her beach attire ready to go!

Camping Opportunities

Welcome new members!


  • Judy Brown, Lyons
  • Casey Geiman, Commerce


  • Lynn Chebanyuk, Saint Paul

New Mexico

  • Sue Hamilton, Albuquerque


  • Donna Price, Kenton


  • Sheila Martin, Pawnee


  • Michael Vaughn, Chesapeake


Did you know?

We have a historical timeline of Serro Scotty trailers on our website?

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Scotty Restorations

We won't recommend any particular restoration shop. But we do provide guidelines to help your search. See our guidelines...

Other Cool/Retro/Trailer Sites

Michael Leichty made new skins for his current Shasta Compact project and his process has been added to the website.

Make your own camper step like Mabel's. Legs fold down, easily transportable, uses a standard door mat (we recommend coir) and it's very secure.

Check out Tom Scott's latest creation, a woody Scotty teardrop replica to be towed by his woody wagon. Nice job!

A previously unknown Scotty Sportsman 12 (aka Rear Door) has been discovered and is being rebuilt to hit the road in Canada!

The Ferraro's got out and camped in Alabama

The Farmers got out and camped with their 1982 HiLander, repainted in the vintage colors

The Fishers too got out and camped - how cozy does this look?

The Hostetlers camped with their's at a music festival

The LeCornu's added eyebrows to their eyebrowless Nomad. You can find them at Vintage Camper in Peru, IN, use "drip cap" as your search.

The Nicholls said goodbye to their 13' Scotty Gumball, but, staying in the family and making new memorie's with Sara's dad in New Mexico

The Qualls are out camping. Now that's a happy dog!

Tammy Decker is out and about

The Martins just picked up this 18' HiLander "Trunkback"

Scott Thurston just repacked his bearings and is getting ready to roll. If you don't know when your's were last repacked, better check them out. Spring is a good time to check out your tires as well - are they outdated? Do you know how to change a Scotty's tires?

Dave Stuthard's Scotty is ready for skin - he should be rolling soon too

Not a Scotty, but Michael Leichty finished his Shasta Compact project, including making a new awning for it. Nice job Mike!


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