Issue #141 [Archived Newsletters] February 1, 2017


Our 8th Annual Winter Camp-in is Feb. 18 (or whatever just before or just after works for you). Be planning what YOU want to do for it. It is a way for us to mingle, even if only online, for a fun event during the winter when most of us have our trailers packed away for winter. Do something, anything, with your camper, or if your trailer is unaccessible, a picture of you with your family and email the pictures to me at Please do NOT post the pictures ahead of time in our Facebook group. That spoils the fun if everyone has already seen the pictures prior to our event slideshow. Check out one of the previous year's event and lets have FUN with this!

River Street in Savannah, Georgia. We can reserve a site for the Skidaway Island in Savannah event (not specific sites, a site will be chosen when you arrive) now. If you are coming to this event, reserve soon because the campground informed me that this is their busiest time.

Camping Opportunities

Welcome new members!


  • Jeffrey St.Amand, Chester


  • Rhonda & Duane LeCornu, Tampa


  • Jennifer & Jon Way, Shelbyville


  • Leslie Gillert, Yarmouth

New York

  • Kevin Murphy, Ronkonkoma


  • Marilyn & Kenneth Patrick, Middletown


  • Donna Headrick, Irving
  • Suzy Wilkerson, Tomball


  • Jodi Klawans, Lorton

Will 2017 be the year Tim Viall finally finishes his Scotty rebuild?

Connie Rogers with her Maine Coon Cat Claus. Claus and the Scotty have travelled 30,000 miles together!

Did you know?

Mabel obtained her first Scotty in April of 2004 (a 1969 13' Gaucho) when she was just six months old. She started the NSSO website shortly thereafter. We are one of the longest running specific trailer websites and certainly one of the most extensive. Literally thousands of Scotty owners have restored or repaired their Scotty by using our site which is composed of information gathered by us sharing what we have learned and done. Good job NSSO!

Looking to buy or sell a trailer?


Scotty Restorations

We won't recommend any particular restoration shop. But we do provide guidelines to help your search. See our guidelines...


Other Cool/Retro/Trailer Sites

Little Scotty girl Callie Poe

Charlotte Webster camping on her new property in the Smokies

Jake Portwood, out and about

Jodi Klawans' new Scotty

Leslie Gillert's new Scotty

Rhonda and Duane LeCornu's new Scotty

Suzy Wilkerson's new Scotty

Donna Headrick's new project

Eddie Doyle has a new project

Gordon Reynolds is working on his

Greg Gomes is making great progress

As is Ken Jones

And Rick Banks

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