Scotty Newsletter
Issue #014 [Archived Newsletters] May 1, 2006


National Rally

From Cribbage With Keith, GeoCaching With the Kids, and Movies With Mabel, this summer's rally has something for everyone! Registrations are rolling in - get your's in now so you'll have a chance to win one of the really nice prizes! Go here for more information!

Upcoming Rallys and Campouts

  • Vintage Scotty & Shasta Spring Campout, Bidwell Point Arkansas: 5/11-5/14/2006
  • Midwest Vintage Trailer Rally 2006, Montello, WI: 6/22-6/25/2006 This is an annual, but not an NSSO, event. There were a couple of Scottys there last year! More info...
  • Assateague State Park, Maryland - Camp With Ace: 6/25-7/7/2006
  • NSSO National Scotty Rally 2006
    7/20-7/23/2006 Coopers Lake Campground, Slippery Rock, PA. More info...
  • NSSO Fall Colors Campout, Turkey Run State Park, Indiana: 10/20-10/22/2006.

Potlucks and Other Events

Welcome New Folks

  • Bennie & Dinah Williams, High Point, NC
    1966 13' Gaucho
  • Dan Campbell, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
    1987 16.5'
  • Dan McCormack, Angola, NY
    1974 15' HiLander
  • Dave & Wendy Shemano, Yellow Springs, OH
    1967 13' Gaucho
  • David Rolfe, South Portland, ME
    1972 15' HiLander
  • Dick & Kate Brown, Allen, TX
    1970 15' HiLander
  • Donald Gibson, Thomasville, NC
    Unknown Trailer
  • G. Stuart Welsh, Highland Village, TX
    1959 13'' Sportsman Sr.
  • James Davis, Alachua, FL
    Looking for a Scotty
  • Joe Donahue, Levittown, PA
    1968 13' Gaucho
  • Kim Fredrickson, Emerald, WI
    1973 13' Gaucho
  • Larry Docks, Clinton Township, MI
    1969 13' Gaucho
  • Loren & Brandi Kaplan, Alpharetta, GA
    1971 15' HiLander
  • Ms. Myke Johnson, Lucedale, MS
    1968 Shasta Compact
  • Noel Clark< Bozeman, MT
    1976 13' Gaucho
  • Pearl Lane, Linn, TX
  • Ray Ruiz, Uvalde, TX
    1971 15' HiLander
  • Tom Duffy, Columbia, MD
    1969 15' HiLander
  • Wayne & Thelma Snow, Sullivan, ME
    1995 22' Scotty

Units for Sale

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Other Vintage Trailer Sites

Scotty Restorations

Tom Bernot is now doing trailer repairs and rebuilds. Tom's work is really superb - check out the 1970 he did. He's located 30 miles N. of Pittsburgh and can be contacted via e-mail to or phone at 724-763-8025.

Scotty Images

Norfork Lake, home of our
May Arkansas Campout!

Sites are filling fast!


Cats like Scottys too!
Baby Grey Goldberg, in
The Great Pumpkin


Robert Brown of Edgefield, SC's
1981 16' Scotty
See more pics...


Nancy Kroes was in Sedona, AZ, but it just didn't work out (this trip) to get a chance to meet David Rhodes of Flagstaff. See more pics of David and his 1968 Tonga...


Tom Duffy is busy working on
his 1969 HiLander (its a '69 but
has the 70 style door window)


Christina Fitch's 15' Gaucho
She'll be receiving Tom Duffy's Scotty Potty via Dave Balmat who'll bring it to the National Rally


Our Web site, had over 20,000 visits during the month of April. And, it seems as if a record number of our visitors joined our group this month!


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