Issue #139 [Archived Newsletters] December 2, 2016


Merry Christmas! Laura Brewer's decorated Scotty in North Carolina

Want something fun to do during dreary February? Do something, anything, with your trailer and email the pictures (note, do NOT post them on Facebook) to be included in an event slideshow for Winter Camp-in, Anywhere You Are, 2016, our seventh year for this fun event that everyone can "attend"! More info...

Assateaque has been full for a while but always cancellations. If you want to go, keep checking. See more.

Road Trip West to Iowa is finalized and scheduled for October, 2017. It will again start at Mabel's Glade (for anyone who wants to stop there to join in the caravan west) and takes in a visit to the RV Museum in Elkhart before heading to the first campground, shown above, Starved Rock State Park in Illinois. We cannot reserve sites yet, keep watch as it will be announced in plenty of time. You might want to read Karen Musser Nortman's first book, Bats and Bones, in the Frannie Campbell Campground Mystery Series in the meantime.

We will return to Savannah, GA in November, 2017, staying again at Skidaway Island State Park. So much to see. So much to do! Reserve your site NOW else you risk not getting one. The campground says this is their busiest time.

Fall Creek Falls in Tennessee is scheduled for May 2018. More info...

Camping Opportunities

Major news!!!!

Mabel Magdaline Kroes, our fearless leader turned 13 on November 15. Fellow NSSO member Bev Manvell also had a birthday that day.

Welcome new members!


  • Charles Eaton, Rineyville

North Carolina

  • Carrie Perkins, Chapel Hill
  • Jeffrey Shaw, Carthage


  • James Arnett, Lexington


  • Jan Kohler, Carlisle


  • Vickey Perry, Fayetteville


  • Gordon Reynolds, Braintree


  • Richard Carr, Elkton

Did you know?

Our fearless leader (shown here at six weeks old) was just a pup of four months old when she got her first Scotty. And, barely one when she started the National Serro Scotty Organization!

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Scotty Restorations

We won't recommend any particular restoration shop. But we do provide guidelines to help your search. See our guidelines...


Other Cool/Retro/Trailer Sites

Scotty Images

Butch Starner created a very cute Christmas display for his yard using the tiny trailer he made for his granddaughters

Dale Goldberg got a chance to visit Miss Eva and daughter Kathy Dickson while in Florida recently. Miss Eva turned 97 in November and is riding her trike 2 miles a day and sometimes 4 miles a day. She and her husband were good friends of John Serro's and did many many of the caravan tours that John arranged.

David Margolis' hand crafted table with a beautiful inlay of a fishing fly. WOW!

Wes Cray's '59 is done! Another WOW!

Look what showed up at Mabel's house, a 1959 15' Shasta. Sadly, she says, it's Russell Leichty's, who will be picking it up probably in the spring.

Joe and Kim Foster camping with Catherine Crossen in Chattanooga

Connie Rogers got out and about - Arizona to Florida and everywhere in between.

Sylvia Elands doing some fall camping

Daniel Ryniak got out with his uniquely painted HiLander

Danny Lambreth used his Scotty to camp in at a family reunion in NC

David Brown boondocking - look at that amazing view

Dave Stuthard is almost finished!

George Bond's Scotty wintering over with an airplane - way cool!

Gordon Reynolds is getting started

Jackson Kelly and his dad using a unique method for rebuilding his early Scotty.

Ken Jones has quite a project ahead of him this winter

Ron Braun got his Scotty painted. Nice!

Seen on the road by Retro Roadmap (Beth Lennon). Great shot Beth!

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