Issue #138 [Archived Newsletters] November 2, 2016


Assateaque has been full for a while but always cancellations. If you want to go, keep checking. See more.

Road Trip West to Iowa is finalized and scheduled for October, 2017. It will again start at Mabel's Glade (for anyone who wants to stop there to join in the caravan west) and takes in a visit to the RV Museum in Elkhart before heading to the first campground. We cannot reserve sites yet, keep watch as it will be announced in plenty of time. You might want to read Karen Musser Nortman's first book, Bats and Bones, in the Frannie Campbell Campground Mystery Series in the meantime.

In planning stages, an early November event at Skidaway Island in Savannah, GA. Stay tuned!

Fall Creek Falls in Tennessee is scheduled for May 2018. More info...

Camping Opportunities

Scotty Gatherings

We never got a formal group picture at Algonac State Park (Michigan), but here is most of us sitting around the campfire and watching for freighters to pass by on the river, heading to and from the Great Lakes. Watch the slideshow...


Welcome New Members


  • Stephen Farley, Tucson


  • Beverly Bohm, Yuma
  • Jana and Steven Mason, Peyton


  • Kelly Oden, Pensacola


  • Thomas Hughes, La Porte


  • Irmgard and Michael Gelletly, Ypsilanti


  • Roger Key, Meridian

Newfoundland, CA

  • Paul Abbott, Flatrock


  • Audrey Bige, Cleveland
  • Joyce Cardwell, Oak Ridge


  • Scott and Sharon Holmes, Mechanicsville



Website stats

We had the highest amount of pages viewed in October, amazingly higher than any of the previous months.

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Scotty Restorations

We won't recommend any particular restoration shop. But we do provide guidelines to help your search. See our guidelines...


Other Cool/Retro/Trailer Sites

Scotty Images

McGraths decorated their Scotty for Halloween

As did the Fales

And the McKinleys

Alicia Marie found rot when she opened her Scotty

So did Michael Knight

Andy Dobbs camped in Alabama

Bradley Thompson is almost done, but he's camping anyway

Elaine and Don got out and camped at Reher Island, SC

Greg Anderson made his maiden voyage

Vic Savelli made his maiden voyage

Dee Linds pups are excited to be camping!

Ian Thomas' last night camping in the inlaws' driveway

New members Jana and Steven Mason's Scottys

Stephen Farley's new project

Ken Jones' winter project

Kelly Oden's project

Jason Ayers is also getting started

The Brewer sisters posing in front of one of the new Little Guy "Scottys".


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