Issue #135 [Archived Newsletters] July and August, 2016


Some of us will be meeting up at Mabel's house in SW Michigan very soon to caravan across "The Bridge" at the Straits of Mackinaw for the NSSO UP Road Trip. Four stops to take in many many sights and expecting lots of fun. You won't want to miss the slide show afterwards.

Tim and Susan have already left California with their 2011 Scotty teardrop replica and are making their way to Stop 1 of the UP Road Trip via Canada. Safe trip Tim and Susan!

Come camp in October where you can view a constant parade of ocean-going vessels from your campsite. This campground is right on the St. Clair River which is part of the St. Lawrence Seaway. We can book sites NOW for the Algonac (Michigan) camp-out. Book NOW as this is a popular campground and may fill up!

A new event scheduled for late October of this year! We will camp near Elkhart and go enmasse to visit the RV Museum and Hall of Fame. These are the two Scottys donated by the Serro family to the museum and, John Serro was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1987. Make your reservations now!

Camping Opportunities

Scotty Gatherings

The Gomes granddaughters gathered in the Scotty for a tea party. Such cuties!

Welcome New Members


  • Karen Gehring, Hemet

District of Columbia

  • Linda Alder, Washington


  • Ken Jones, Lincolnton
  • Gary Mays, Albany


  • Tracy Forner, Brownsburg


  • Terry McCloud, Newton


  • Joseph Ruscio, West Wareham


  • Marianne Kirk, Jackson


  • Donna Harris, Picayune

New York

  • Patricia Comstock, Hammondsport

North Carolina

  • David Branch, Murphy


  • Kevin Carey, Columbus
  • Howard Scarrott, Cincinnati
  • Loretta and Randy Welday, Vienna
  • Rhonda Whitman, New Philadelphia


  • Deborah Kuipers, Scio


  • Deborah Anderson, Erie
  • Rich and Eileen Bauer, Fredericktown
  • Michelle Malmberg, York
  • Richard Ogden, Clearfield

South Carolina

  • Edward Doyle, Seneca
  • Dana Williams, Gaston


  • Annie Klaver, Madison
  • Vance Nichols, Whites Creek


  • Matt Harris, Richmond
  • Alex Plaza, Shawsville
  • Joseph Sawdy, King George
  • Sharon Wood, Wirtz


Did You Know?

That Ovenettes, popular in the 50s and 60s became prominent in vintage campings due to our very own Mabel Magdeline Kroes? She bought her first one in 2004 and won the first ever Ovenette Cook-off competition with her Blueberry Cobbler. We have an Ovenette page under the "Fun" section in the website and Mabel's award winning recipes may be found there. She won more than one competition before retiring to let others win! Ovenettes can be found on Ebay.


Looking to buy or sell a trailer?



Scotty Restorations

We won't recommend any particular restoration shop. But we do provide guidelines to help your search. See our guidelines...


Other Cool/Retro/Trailer Sites

Scotty Images

Proud of Mabel for helping me purge our extra camping goodies. The blow form Smokey Bear lights headed to Ohio for Misses Addy and Cora Nicholls.

And her famous pink leather "Scotty" will head east in September to be the new hide-out for 4-legged NSSO member Miss Chewy.

Willie Nelson Cray just got his new camping hide-out. He loves it!

Here's a nifty idea Kevin and Pam Wagner came up with - fabric wrapped foam to keep you from hitting your head!

Annie's free to her HiLander project

The Jones' new 1966 HiLander project

Michelle's dad gave her his 1982 HiLander

And Matt Harris snagged a first year 1964 small bump HiLander. Great score Matt!

Audets camped in Massachussetts

Brown's camped in their backyard

Crays camped with their '69 in Pennsylvania

De Souzas heading through New Mexico

Ian Thomas camping in Canada

Jacob Dosch camped in Pennsylvania

Kenny and his Lizzie Borden attended a teardrop rally in Virginia and walked away with the Best Vintage Trailer award. Congrats!

Kimberly's camp at home. Very nice!

Kincaid's road trip - four week, sixteen states and over 6000 miles!

Martells camping in northern Maine

Natalie only gets to use her camper once a year and it is THIS weekend! Have fun.

Shari camping at the Starlite in Colorado

The Kesty's new paint job

The Wagner's new "porch"

And it was Christmas in July for Catherine who scored this vintage tree for $3 at a church sale. Nice!


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