Issue #133 [Archived Newsletters] May 1, 2016


We can reserve sites for Assateaque State Park, Maryland, as of May 23 for next May's event. We should reserve on or very near that date to assure we get a spot!

CANCELLED ASSATEAQUE EXTENDED! Pokomoke State Park, Maryland, as of May 25 for next May's event. And, we should reserve on or very near that date to assure our spot!

Mackinaw Mill Creek sunset with the bridge in the background. This is stop 4 on the UP Road Trip 2016. We can reserve sites for all four stops of the August UP Road Trip. If you are coming, reserve your sites now. August in the UP is a busy time and all campgrounds will be full.

We can book sites NOW for the Algonac (Michigan) camp-out. This is a popular campground, being on the St. Clair River, part of the St. Lawrence Seaway where we can sit in our sites and watch ocean going freighters traverse to and from the Great Lakes.

Watkins Glen, in the beautiful Finger Lakes area of western New York may be fully booked, but do try to get in for at least part of the September event time.

Note: Natural Tunnel State Park, Lovers Leap Campground is completely booked, no sites left, although you may still be able to get a site for part of the dates, or at their other near by campground.

Camping Opportunities

Scotty Gatherings

Not quite a Scotty gathering, but members of the NSSO did get together when Butch and Pam came over and helped Nancy get the windows in her boler, Camp Pine Knot. So appreciate how willing NSSO members are to give up their time to help another! Thank you Butch and Pam.

Welcome New Members


  • Will Cain, Carnelian Bay


  • Timothy Hill, Gulfport


  • Christina Allen, Lake Charles


  • Chad Smith, Berwick


  • Matthew Audet, Arlington


  • Pam Garlow, Fenton
  • Laura Schmelter, East Lansing

New Hampshire

  • Ryan Cress, Portsmouth


  • Margaret Sariano, Mechanicsburg


  • Robert and Susan Pickett, Andersonville

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Scotty Restorations

The NSSO no longer recommends any particular restoration shop. We do however provide guidelines to help you do due diligence to select and contract with someone to restore or make repairs to your trailer.

See our guidelines...

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Numbers are way up, people are out camping. Life is good!

Scotty Images

Member Walt Sayers has a new granddaughter, Scarlett Jane.

A familiar sight! Demetrias Brown is working on her Scotty. We hope to meet her next May when we camp in her state of Maryland!

Dave Stuthard found the most beautiful plywood for his Scotty rebuild's side walls. Wowza!

Diana Ferguson made this cute screen door for her early 60s Scotty. They have a screened window and no screen door hinge like later models.

Kevin Murphy installed a new axle

Danny Covington got a new, early 60s Scotty

The Brewer family out and about with Patsy Lee

Dan Zen got out camping

Ian Thomas all set up with a Tepui awning, Renogy solar panel, and Yakima bike rack. See more...

The McGrath's "Cabin Cruiser" is finally done. It is stunning with its new Craig Dorsey (in photo) exterior.

Michelle Eash's Scotty was a bit hit at the Southern Living Show.

Michael, Jamie and Russell Leichty were all set up to camp in the yard, but then a storm arrived so back in the garage it went. Another time Russell.

The Poe's wedding gift Scotty set up in their yard

Ronnie Fales got out with her bigger and newer Scotty than we usually see. Very nice Ronnie.

Trudy and Shane got out in one of the beautiful Ontario, Canada provincial park campgrounds

Will Cain and Briana Amon out on Hwy 1, Big Sur in California. See a larger image...

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