Issue #131 [Archived Newsletters] March 1, 2016


Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore
We can reserve sites for all four stops of the August UP Road Trip. If you are coming, reserve your sites now. August in the UP is a busy time and all campgrounds will be full.

Note: Natural Tunnel State Park, Lovers Leap Campground is completely booked, no sites left.

Camping Opportunities


The seventh annual Winter Camp-in was held over Valentine's weekend, anywhere you were. Check out the video!


Welcome New Members


  • Barry Davis, Carrollton


  • John Huber, Bethalton
  • Dustin Perry, Aurora


  • Jennifer Durbin, Frankfort

North Carolina

  • Bob Humphrey, Raleigh


  • Randy Edmiston, Vintondale

Looking to buy or sell a trailer?


Scotty Restorations

The NSSO no longer recommends any particular restoration shop. We do however provide guidelines to help you do due diligence to select and contract with someone to restore or make repairs to your trailer.

See our guidelines...

Other Cool/Retro/Trailer Sites

Facebook fans

1648 members on our Facebook "Page" and our Facebook "Group" has 1290 members. Join us now to get in on all the Scotty talk and fun!

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Website Stats

Numbers of visitors, number of visits and pages viewed are rising, spring must be on its way. I always find it interesting to see how people find our website and organization. These are the top 20 search strings used in February: serro scotty, serroscotty vintage trailer organization, national serro scotty organization, serro scotty trailers, scotty campers, rebuilder 1963 scotty camper, scotty gaucho, scotty trailers, trailer siding replacement, scotty camper parts, serro scotty roof repair, scotty camper, aluminum trailer siding, scotty trailer, serro scotty camper parts, nsso, 1963 scotty serro, camper siding, plywood for scotty campers and travel trailer siding.

Scotty Images

Mark Kehoe is making and selling these adorable custom campers for pets. Check them out here!

Michael, Jamie and Russell Leichty's beautiful fully redone Scotty. The awning is great too and the manufacturer of it has been added to our awning page.

Addy Collins is brainstorming in their new (to them) HiLander. Scotty number two!

Bo Waldrup got his Trunkbank (18' HiLander) painted

Dustin Perry just got this 1970 15' HiLander

The Dahls got a new truck and a new trailer, but the Scotty will go to their daughter and stay in the family

Bill and Karen Pruss have completed their '82 HiLander rebuild, Toodles!

Vickie Steigerwald has made some colorful changes to her Scotty

Wes Cray continues the beautiful job on his '59 Scotty

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