Issue #130 [Archived Newsletters] February 1, 2016


We will once again do a Winter Camp-in, anywhere you are. More details...

We have started reserving our sites for the September 2016 Watkins Glen camp-out.

We can reserve sites for stops two and four of the UP Road Trip already and will be able to reserve sites for stop one on Feb. 15 and stop three on Feb. 18. If you are coming, reserve your sites. August in the UP is a busy time and all campgrounds will be full.

Camping Opportunities

  • See Previous NSSO Camp-out pictures and slideshows

  • Welcome New Members


    • Brandy Thomason, Toccoa


    • Natalie Long, Bonners Ferry

    New York

    • Ronnie and Tom Fales, Stony Brook


    • Todd Hauck, Granville


    • Pamela Wagner and Kevin Danley, Mercer

    Looking to buy or sell a trailer?


    Scotty Restorations

    The NSSO no longer recommends any particular restoration shop. We do however provide guidelines to help you do due diligence to select and contract with someone to restore or make repairs to your trailer.

    See our guidelines...

    Other Cool/Retro/Trailer Sites

    Facebook fans

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    Zoelly's Coatz

    Matty and Russell are loving their Zoelly's Coatz made by our very own Cheryl Ovenshire. Each one is custom done for your pup. More info here...

    Scotty Images

    Linnea has her Scotty on...

    And so does Mabel

    Jean at can do aqua and white

    Michael Leichty is doing a beautiful job on his Scotty

    The Aylwards new wheel wells

    Joann Simon biscuit joining for her project

    The Qualls making progress on their '71 HiLander

    Dave Stuthard closing in on the Aylwards

    John Peard adding new stainless steel skin

    New skin on the Pruss 1982 HiLander as well

    New members Ronnie and Tom Fales have a 1990 Scotty

    Kimberly Curry back yard camping in Texas

    And the Rogers camped in Florida

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