Issue #128 [Archived Newsletters] December 1, 2015


Merry Christmas and Happiest of New Years from the NSSO and Laura's Patsy Lee

We can start reserving our sites for the September 2016 Watkins Glen camp-out on December 6. Reserve early if you want a site.

Keep watch as we will be able to reserve sites for the four stops on the Road Trip UP event in August 2016 soon.

Camping Opportunities

  • See Previous NSSO Camp-out pictures and slideshows
  • Scotty Gatherings

    We did not have any Scotty Gatherings but Mabel was thrilled to show sister Matty where she made her first ever rest stop at Pilot Mountain in NC when she was six weeks old. You may recall Mount Pilot from the Andy Griffith show. This is it!

    Welcome New Members


    • Kevin and Debbie Podobinski, Spring Valley


    • Frederick Smith, Farmington


    • Chip Melcher, Saint Leonard
    • Amy and Stephen Thompson, Pasadena


    • Michael and Cyndi Koonse, Columbia

    New Hampshire

    • Jean Careno, Dover

    New York

    • Cindy Koziatek, Corning

    North Carolina

    • Randy Blevins, Lexington


    • Catherine Crossen, Chattanooga
    • Joe Clay Foster, Chattanooga


    • Paul and Nancy Copley, Rockingham
    • Deborah O'dell, Danville

    Looking to buy or sell a trailer?


    Scotty Restorations

    The NSSO no longer recommends any particular restoration shop. We do however provide guidelines to help you do due diligence to select and contract with someone to restore or make repairs to your trailer.

    See our guidelines...

    Other Retro/Trailer Sites

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    Website Stats

    Sad to see the declining statistics since that means most of us have put up our trailers until the 2016 camping season starts.

    Scotty Images

    Little Miss Linnea Poe turned one!

    As did the dapper John Luke Workman

    Andy Dobbs picked up this low rider HiLander

    Charlotte Webster just picked up this '68

    Dave Stuthard has begun work on his '62

    Jesse Davison got the '64 (first year) HiLander painted

    John Martell putting his '72 up for winter

    Kimmer Olesak working on their '62

    Michael Leichty is doing some pretty unique touches to his Scotty project.

    Robert Martin is rebuilding his '59 with hickory

    Tim Viall getting some professional cabinet help from friend for his '64 rebuild

    Trudy and Shane making progress on their '61 15' Front Kitchen/Side Dinette

    Wes Cray is making progress on his '59 rebuild

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