Issue #126 [Archived Newsletters] October 1, 2015


Camping Opportunities

Please note that our 2016 adventure at Acadia National Park has been canceled. We will do Watkins Glen in the beautiful Finger Lakes of New York instead.

We will hope for another tour of Fletcher's while we are at Watkins Glen again.

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  • Scotty Gatherings

    Four of the Fisherman's Memorial, RI attendees stopped by Mabel's site on their bikes. Watch the slideshow...

    Most of our Adirondack campers. Some were out and about and Nancy, Mabel and Matty had already left for their long journey back to SW Michigan. Watch the slideshow...

    Welcome New Members (new memberships were closed for most of the month, due to our two week camping adventures)


    • Tammy Johnson, Alpena


    • Lauren Norris, Marietta


    • Bryan Adams, Beavercreek


    • Marsha Torbett, Johnson City

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    Scotty Restorations

    The NSSO no longer recommends any particular restoration shop. We do however provide guidelines to help you do due diligence to select and contract with someone to restore or make repairs to your trailer.

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    Website Stats

    Our stats were down for the past month which is, sadly, an indication of camping season winding down for most of us.

    Scotty Images

    Mabel blew her acl and is now wearing a brace; did not stop her from camping in Rhode Island and the Adirondacks though. She's tough!

    Bob and Jackie with their Shasta met up with Nancy, Mabel and Matty near Toledo to caravan to the Rhode Island camp-out

    Abby and friend camping in Ohio

    Dan Zen camped in San Francisco

    Chandlers camped on the Outer Banks

    Dottie and Wes made Ben and Lynn's Kampers at Knoebels event

    Diana got out and about

    Linnea's first camp-out, in Minnesota

    The Morise's camped from Ontario to Nova Scotia

    The Robar's camped on Prince Edward Island

    Tom made the Tin Can Tourists event at Camp Dearborn in Milford, MI


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