Issue #125 [Archived Newsletters] September 1, 2015


Excitement is building for the August 2016 Road Trip UP

Camping Opportunities

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  • Scotty Gatherings

    Nancy Kroes and Wes and Dottie Cray from PA got to meet up in Hastings, MI. Always nice to put faces to names!

    Welcome New Members


    • Kenneth Lambert, Sylacauga


    • Joe, Jennifer and John Luke Workman, Redondo Beach

    New members Joe, Jennifer and John Luke, aka Peanut


    • Darrell Bloodworth, Rossville
    • Louise Shane, Milton


    • Christopher Hoff, Lexington


    • Greg Gomes, Southwick

    New Jersey

    • Mark Phillips, Southampton

    New York

    • Cindea Bradley, Fort Plain
    • Cynthia Jaje, Depew
    • Barry Nobles, Churchville
    • Richard Wiley, Kent


    • Christopher Simyak, Rootstown
    • Dave Stuthard, Grove City
    • Steffanie Thompson, Richfield


    • Curtis Wells, Edmond


    • Jahn Chandler, Richmond


    • Leon White, Seattle



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    Scotty Restorations

    The NSSO no longer recommends any particular restoration shop. We do however provide guidelines to help you do due diligence to select and contract with someone to restore or make repairs to your trailer.

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    Scotty Images

    Adam saw no meteors, but look at those stars!

    Tom Bernot rebuilding a Scotty teardrop for grandson Dawson.
    See the finished trailer...

    The Crays and Sweet Annie had a little event with grandkids Ellie and Finn

    The Gastelums at an event in Holly, MI

    Glenda finished her Front Kitchen - stunning!

    Karla's 1981 13' Scotty

    The McCloud's new home campsite

    John Martell's beautiful work

    The McGrath's had their interior redone - beautiful!

    The Robars in Nova Scotia snagged a 1961 Sportsman 15, aka Front Kitchen/Side Dinette

    Russell Leichty's new Shasta - we will see this at Lake Durant!

    The Thomases went international - to Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, Canada

    Linnea and Trey check out the new custom mattress

    Cora and Addie Nichols got out and about

    And the Zamora's finished their Scotty - nice job!

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