Issue #124 [Archived Newsletters] August 1, 2015



RIP Stanley Stew Ovenshire, 2010-2015

Very sad to say Stanley, beloved son of Cheryl and Scott passed away unexpectedly. Stan was a wonderful boy and he will be sadly missed. So happy we were able to camp with him at Tallulah Falls. Love you big guy!

Camping Opportunities

Still a year away and already great interest in next year's Road Trip in the UP of Michigan.

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  • Scotty Gatherings

    Dan Zen got out in California with his new build.
    Love that front window!

    Welcome New Members


    • Mike Duke, Indianapolis


    • Christopher Finnie, Saugus
    • Deanna Ridgway, Russell


    • Paul & Judy Biland, Algonac
    • Paul Gastelum, Grosse Pointe


    • Geoffrey York, Bozeman

    New Hampshire

    • Jason & Pamela Little, Marlow


    • Robert & Linda Frantz, Oklahoma City


    • Kelly Divins, Du Bois
    • Michael Glass, Hummelstown
    • Ralph & Ann Marie Smith, Tyler Hill

    Rhode Island

    • Diana Todd, Pawtucket


    • Victoria & Jacob Horsley, Knoxville


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    Scotty Restorations

    The NSSO no longer recommends any particular restoration shop. We do however provide guidelines to help you do due diligence to select and contract with someone to restore or make repairs to your trailer.

    See our guidelines...

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    Scotty Images

    Darin Niemeyer is making vintage looking fronts for modern televisions.
    Contact him for more info...

    Abby's Scotty out for the first time

    Colleen and Caroline just got this 1966 Tonga. They are coming to the ADK!

    As are their pups, Chewy, Oliver
    and Arlington

    Goodmans made it out with their Trunkback!

    Karen Driscoll's Scotty

    Natalie Ginter's Scotty HiLander

    Patsy Lee took the Blue Ridge Parkway to Gatlinburg, TN

    Paul and Joe camped in the ADK

    The Rathmells got out and about

    The Ridgway's HiLander

    Robert is making progress

    Wes Cray's Sweet Annie - DONE!

    Fred and Mary lucked out and got this Burro at an auction. We will see them at Natural Tunnel next year.

    Joyce got this cute 1981 Gaucho but oh no, will have to sell as her hubby is too tall for it. They will fix it up first.

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