Issue #123 [Archived Newsletters] July 2, 2015



Camping opportunities

Matty snoozing at Harecreek after booking our site for next Memorial weekend's camp-out at Natural Tunnel State Park.
There are only 18 sites total and already 8 have been booked.
TEN sites left, BOOK NOW!!!!

Scotty Gatherings

Harecreek Camp-out in Corry, PA, 6/25-28
We don't let no stinkin' rain keep us from camping!
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Welcome New Members


  • Karen and Bill Pruss, Melrose


  • Frank Sanges, Waleska
  • Robert Fowler, Griffin


  • Kimmer Olesak, Chicago


  • Tracy and Dan Zamora, Hagerstown


  • Dawn Fox, Comstock Park


  • Gregory and Janet Enzmann, Bonne Terre

New York

  • David and Marie Swanson, Canton


  • Katherine Bartley, Tallmadge


  • Shelby Clark, Sandy Lake


  • Chip Brooks, Nashville

Washington, DC

  • Jason Virag


Looking to buy or sell a trailer?



Scotty Restorations

The NSSO is very picky when it comes to recommending trailer restorers. and we recommend only the best. That does not, however, negate your due diligence when contracting with someone to restore or make repairs to your trailer.

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Other Retro/Trailer Sites


Facebook fans

1478 members on our Facebook "Page" and our Facebook "Group" has 1173 members. Join us now to get in on all the Scotty talk and fun!

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Website Stats

In June we exceeded our bandwidth and the website shut down several days before the new month began. That shows how popular we are. Since the site's bandwidth had already been doubled two years ago due to nearly running out every month, I have really increased it - from 30 GB to 1000 GB per month! We will hopefully never run out again!

Scotty Images

Have an image of your trailer created (this is Anne and Randy McKinley's)! A lovely young artist, Casie Hughes is taking orders. More information and see her work!

Matty, in Mabel's Scotty, made an issue of the Encore magazine. So did Bella and Ted! See the magazine...

Danny camped with his Scotty Pearl

Dan Zen out for the first time in California

John Frank created this beautiful new campsite at home

John Martell is really moving along. Beautiful John!

Walter has a new project. Cannot wait to see what he does with it. It will be stunning. His always are!

Kenny will soon have a new addition in his Scotty, Lizzie Borden - recall the ax slices in her door.

The Vestals have finished their rebuild - very nice!

Contact Walt if you are interested in a cool table!

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