Scotty Newsletter
Issue #012 [Archived Newsletters] March 1, 2006


National Rally

Nineteen registrations in so far for our National Rally at Cooper's Lake in Slippery Rock, PA this July. Nine of those are new people who didn't attend last summer. And, with a verbal commitment from most who attended last summer to attend again this summer, that means we are looking at an even bigger and better Rally than 2005! Keep checking here for more information!

Upcoming Rallys and Campouts

  • Vintage Scotty & Shasta Spring Campout, Bidwell Point Arkansas: 5/11-5/14/2006 This one should be lots of fun - looking like several Scottys, including Kevin's Rear Door, and Cuz'n Dean, and 6 Shastas are coming!
  • Midwest Vintage Trailer Rally 2006, Montello, WI: 6/22-6/25/2006 This is an annual event. Many of us are looking at Ferrying across Lake Michigan to attend this rally in 2007! More info...
  • Assateague State Park, Maryland - Camp With Ace: 6/25-7/7/2006
  • NSSO National Scotty Rally 2006
    7/20-7/23/2006 Coopers Lake Campground, Slippery Rock, PA. Mabel is bringing movies and popcorn ! More info...

Potlucks and Other Events

Scotty Gatherings

Nancy and Mabel Kroes hostessed fellow Scotty owners Robynne Stapp and Dotti Berry from Washington state over the weekend of February 24th. They found the NSSO Web site via Google and have been e-mailing for advice since they obtained their "new" Scotty in the fall of 2005. Robynne and Dotti, "Two Women and a Poodle", are on a one-year mission to transform themselves and our world. Read about their mission...

Robynne, Dotti, Nancy & Mabel

Welcome New Folks

  • Amanda Nickles, Canajoharie, NY
    Looking for a Scotty
  • Bentley Owen, Gibsonville, NC
    1959 13' Scotty
  • Brad & Beth Miller, Claysville, PA
    1973 18' HiLander Trunkback
  • Charles Scott, Pasadena, MD
    1972 13' Gaucho
  • Dean & Christina Wensley, Surrey BC, Canada
    1973 15' Scotty
  • Diane Dodson, Savoy, TX
    1965 13' Scotty
  • George, Mary & Eric Valentine, Cambridge, OH
    1970 Gaucho
  • Hector Magallanes, Las Cruces, NM
    1963 Scottsman
  • Jody Shiver, Lithia, FL
    Abandoned Scotty
  • Kim Jackson & Wendy Cross, Columbus, OH
    1960 10'' Scotty
    1975 15' HiLander
  • Nancy Love, Tulsa, OK
    1964 13'' Scotty

Units for Sale

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Other Vintage Trailer Sites


Our Web site,, had 21,688 visits during the month of February. It would seem people are thinking about Spring and getting to go camping in their Scottys!

If you are planning a campout and wouldn't mind having fellow NSSO group members as company, let me know and I'll add it to our calendar.

Scotty Images

He's not a Scotty camper but NSSO members Levon, Lynn & Josey Sargent raise miniature horses and pygmy goats. Check them out (and wouldn't they fit well in a Scotty)!

Levon, Lynn & Josey's Scotty and Ford Bronco tow vehicle

Robynne and Dotti's 1984 13.5' Scotty and the purple Suburban


Nancy, making an adjustment to Robynne and Dotti's Scotty. Check out that PURPLE decal! I want one...

This little "Cowgirl" (Sophie Kroes) is all ready to go rallying in her Cowgirl Scotty (Scotty 4)!


Mike & Margie Harmon's HiLander and Tow Vehicle - they'll be at the National Rally! See more pics...



Miss Fannie's floorplan - can't wait to see this one!

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