Issue #119 [Archived Newsletters] March 1, 2015


Camping opportunities

Register RIGHT NOW for Tallulah Gorge - 11 registered already


Biggest camp-in yet with 83 participants!
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A small Scotty gathering when Julia and Bill picked up their new 2010 HiLander purchased from Jennifer and Pat Bremer

Welcome New Members


  • Denny Gardner, Martinez


  • Adrianne Pichulo, Lexington


  • Danny Blount, Southaven


  • Jeff Rhomberg, Kirkwood


  • Thomas Miller, Quinlan
  • Leon & Dot Nell, El Lago


  • Kathie McConnell, White Salmon

Vintage camping

This is how the Kroes family camped back in the late 50s!

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Scotty Restorations

The NSSO is very picky when it comes to recommending trailer restorers. and we recommend only the best. That does not, however, negate your due diligence when contracting with someone to restore or make repairs to your trailer.

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Other Retro/Trailer Sites


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February saw over 6,300 visitors who made over 10,000 visits and viewed over 23,000 pages.

Scotty Images

Linnea Poe just turned three months old

Russell Leichty will be happy to get his Scotty out of the garage and down to Tallulah. Register RIGHT NOW if you are coming as the campground will fill up very soon.

Barney and Sherri are also coming to Tallulah

Gary has a Bristow, OK Gaucho. Note the rear side window and see the wardrobe they came with.

John Martell is still making progress despite the 5' of snow at his home.

Whle meanwhile the snow is making others crazy!

Jim and Donna have made their 80s Scotty look more vintage with a vintage paint job

And the Bleas are getting some help with their paint too

Les and Maria's Suite P is pretty in green

Tom Bernot rebuilt this Scotty for his daughter to sell cupcakes from - aptly named Studecaker!

Try boiling your latex painted hardware for 15 minutes and you may wind up with this, like new, look

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