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Issue #114 [Archived Newsletters] October 1, 2014


Happy Halloween!

Camping opportunities

If you are planning on attending the NSSO event in Rhode Island next September, register NOW! They fill up and only a few spots left!


The NSSO gathered for the first time in Alabama, Buck's Pocket. Many many thanks to Eric and Cristy Hunt for hosting after Nancy became ill and could not attend.
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Welcome New Members

Ontario, Canada

  • Trudy & Shayne Alyward, Cumberland Beach
  • William Henderson, Uxbridge


  • Diane Bailes, Talladega


  • Lena Kadera, High Ridge

New Mexico

  • Valerie Pacini, Portales

New Jersey

  • Beth Graycar, Washington

North Carolina

  • Michele Austin, North Wilkesboro


  • Connie & Pete Augello, Bethlehem


  • Jess & Sue Pride, Texarkana


  • Scott Simpson, Clear Brook


Looking to buy or sell a trailer?



Scotty Restorations

The NSSO is very picky when it comes to recommending trailer restorers. and we recommend only the best. That does not, however, negate your due diligence when contracting with someone to restore or make repairs to your trailer. More info...


Other Retro/Trailer Sites


Facebook fans

1270 members on our Facebook "Page" and our Facebook "Group" has 1005 members. Join us now to get in on all the Scotty talk and fun!

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Website Stats

Starting to wind down for fall but we still had over 10,000 visitors who viewed over 45,000 pages!

Scotty Images

A must see video about why trailer tires

Nancy, Mabel and Matty attended an egg event on the St. Clair River (MI)
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Lisa McElroy is taking her new Scotty on the road and writing about it too!

Finally, progress on Laura's Patsy Lee

And, on Sara's Scotty which we will see in Hocking Hills soon!

Wes also making great progress.
Holding down the new one piece roof!

Filone is replacing a rotted drop down

Sherry's Scotty got a new
self-designed front decal

Melanie's Scotty got its new decal too

Sylvia's cute Scotty made its debut

Marnie got a '66 up in Alaska

A new casserole crockpot - perfect for camp-out potlucks, says Mabel


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