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Issue #106 [Archived Newsletters] February 1, 2014



Upcoming campouts

2013 Winter Camp-in Best in Show

Fifth Annual Winter Camp-in, Anywhere you are is coming up soon - February 15! Do something with your trailer and email a picture to Mabel and I at We will take the pictures and create a slideshow. If you submitted a picture, you may vote on "Best in Show". The winner will get a plaque that they may hang in their trailer.
See previous years' shows.

Check out all the other gatherings to see if we are coming to a locale near you. Booking now into 2016.

Scotty Gatherings

Those coming to the April event at the Shenandoah River State Park in Virginia will get this great decal for their trailer's window.
Sign up soon if you are coming!

Welcome New Members


  • Christine Boyce, Ranger


  • Ray and Lynn Lee, Perkins Twp.

North Carolina

  • Jennifer Resor, Brevard

Looking to buy or sell a trailer?


Scotty Restorations

The NSSO is very picky when it comes to recommending trailer restorers. and we recommend only the best. That does not, however, negate your due diligence when contracting with someone to restore or make repairs to your trailer. More info...

Other Retro/Trailer Sites

Facebook fans

1080 members on our Facebook "Page" and our Facebook "Group" has 726 members. Join us now to get in on all the Scotty talk and fun!

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Website stats

4276 users made over 6400 visits and viewed over 22,400 pages. They spent an average of 4 minutes on the site and viewed an average of 3.5 pages. Top ten states for viewers were Virginia, California, Pennsylvania, Texas, Georgia, New York, Florida, North Carolina, Michigan and Ohio.

Scotty Images

Guess who camped with the TCT in Prairie Creek in Florida? They haven't changed a bit from their wedding pic!

Adam has made his bumper bracket design available via the NSSO FB group. Click Files at the top of the page.

Mabel found a vintage pink jug for Bella the boler

The DiPaolo's cute '88 Scotty

The Dosch 1967 winter project

Lotty's new home. Very nice!

The Remington's '63

And Shawn's '64

Ray and Lynn's '72

The Suminski's new to them '73

Sherry is working on her Scotty

James is hard at work on his HiLander slide-out. Cannot wait to see this when finished James!

Gene and Stephanie's 1967 15' Scotty with their 1947 Chevy Sedan Delivery. Way cool!

And, Cadillac Al's 1968 Scotty with his 1956 Caddy

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