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Issue #101 [Archived Newsletters] September 1, 2013


Upcoming campouts

Still time to book at Lake Durant for a fun time in the Adirondacks. Temps are looking at mid-60s to mid-70s highs with lows down to the 40s. Lake Durant is a non-electric campground, so come prepared. There may still be time to book for Letchworth, which has electric. We are gathering in the dog loop and there were only a few sites left last week. Check out the links below for more information. Check out all the new gatherings added since last month. Booking into 2015 now.

Scotty Gatherings

Leslie and her daughter from Illinois stopped by
Mabel's house for a tour of her trailers.

Bill & Kat and Mike & Kim got together
at Bristol for the races

Memberships were closed during August

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Website stats

In August, our busiest month thus far this year, we had over 8,000 unique visitors, who made over 30,000 visits for well over half a million hits. Monday's around 8 p.m. are our busiest day with rebuilds, resources, newsletter and camp-outs being our most viewed, in that order! September is shaping up to be just as busy. Barely four days into the month and already we have had over 1000 unique visitors.

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Scotty Images

Check out Don's video on how to
install an awning alone.
(Very nice Don!)

A butt-ugly picture of bella, Mabel's boler. She will be pretty soon!

Cadillac Al's '56 Cadillac with
his '68 Scotty.

Not a Scotty, but Greg just go this for FREE!

The Herald's camp-out
involved ferry rides!

Ian got out and about

Jane, Don and Maggie camped in Wells, ME

Check out Joseph's new whitewalls. Sweet!

Laura has new roof seal on Patsy Lee

This HiLander, now Martha's, bought from Dick, who bought from Kevin's friends, all in about two days!

The McGrath's scored a nice Scotty

Sara has a new floor
and has burned the old

Scott located new seamless roof skin

Shelli's lonely Scotty at Hatteras

Rudy's screen door is done and
he just awaits his new 1959 Studebaker hubcaps. He goes up
for sale when we return from
the Adirondack trip.

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