Scotty Newsletter
Issue #001 April 04, 2005



We have many new folks coming on board now that the Scotty Resources Web site is found by Web search engines. I think the timing is right for a newsletter to help us keep up with who has joined, who is working on a Scotty project, and whose still looking for a Scotty. Also, a place to post any Scottys that are available. So, welcome to issue #1. If you have any news, just click the e-mail link in the "Contact Us" section below!

National Rally

The group membership voted in Fall, 2004 not to hold the National Rally at Scottyland for 2005. Volunteers were sought to form a Planning Committee for the 2005 Rally and seven group members stepped up to the plate: Larry Bush of Washington, PA, Debra Deis of Harrisburg, PA, Reggie Fox of Vestal Center, NY, Sally Hoffman of Camp Hill, PA, Nancy Kroes of Delton, MI, Marti Ohmart of Troy, NY, and Ken Scott of Stephentown, NY.

Unlike a smaller chapter rally, a National Rally needs more space and more amenities. A campground has to offer a large common area which can support up to 60 Scottys and their owners, some with children and many others with dogs! There has to be a location for a potluck and a community bonfire and evening festivities as well. Not having a lot of time to do extensive campground research, the planning committee decided on the Coopers Lake Campground, near Slippery Rock, PA. Not only had Larry Bush camped there many times, it was centrally located for the majority of the Scotty group members (the Scotty group had determined a central location to be eastern Ohio, western PA, or NW West Virginia), and the campground does many large events each year and could provide the resources we needed.

Since then, the planning committee has been busily accumulating prizes and planning what we hope will be the biggest and best rally yet. More information about the rally, as well as the registration page, may be found at the rally site. Do note: you must register with the planning committee and not directly with the campground.

Other Rallys and Campouts

  • 4/22-4/24/05 North Carolina Campout at KOA East near Ashville, NC.

Potlucks and Other Events

Welcome New Folks

  • Bill of Maine with a 1985 16 1/2' Scotty. Bill is planning on taking his on a trip to Alaska soon!
  • Bob, Michelle, and Skipper the wonder weiner dog of Lancaster, SC with a 1965 Scotty. Bob has some roof rot to contend with and we look forward to seeing pics of his Scotty.
  • Jenny and Jeremy of Dexter, ME with a 1971 15' HiLander.
  • Mike and Rachel of Willow Springs, MO with a 1965 13' Scotty.

Units for Sale

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Scotty Images

Ace's Scotty "After"
Congratulations on a job well done by Dale in PA (aceflys). He only obtained his Scotty in December 04 and has already turned it into this beauty!


Ace's Scotty "Before"
The "before" picture of Dale's 1968 13' Scotty Gaucho.


Coopers Lake Campground
Coopers Lake Campground, site of the 2005 National Rally.


Cuz'n Dean's Trunkback
Cuz'n Dean in Arkansas finally finds his Scotty: an 18' Trunkback. Note the customization of the bilevel roofline.


Jenny & Jeremy's HiLander
The 1971 HiLander of Jenny & Jeremy from Dexter, Maine


Sarah's Canadian Scotty
Sarah from New Jersey got the Scotty from Ontario!

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