Letchworth State Park Campout - 8/13-8/17/2008

Amanda & Zeek, Gail & Jeff, and Nancy & Mabel attended this gathering in the west end of New York state. The weather was wonderful and the park, largely developed as a CCC work project throughout the 30s and into the 40s, is fabulous. Highly recommended.

Mabel, headed to Letchworth!

The Pastor Amanda's camp

Nancy & Mabel's camp

Nancy & Mabel's camp kitchen

Gail & Jeff's camp

Group bonfire

with colored flames...

Hiking the gorge at Wolf Creek

Tables made by the CCC in the 1930's

Foot bridge over Wolf Creek

From the foot bridge over Wolf Creek - facing the road bridge

One of the Wolf Creek falls

On the way to Lower Falls

By Lower Falls

Downriver from Lower Falls

Looking up to Lower Falls

Lower Falls

Cool gnarly stump!

Look closely - biggest toad I've ever seen.
Disgusting that folks tossed their garbage off the trail in this beautiful place.
Thanks Pastor Amanda for hauling it out!

The gorge

Middle Falls

Upper Falls

Upper Falls

Amanda, just prior to setting out on raft trip with Nancy

Just getting started

Halfway point - they let us out to play

Body surfing

And while Amanda and Nancy were on the river, Gail and Jeff were up above!

Another picture from above

Amanda in the middle, Nancy to the far right

Back on the river

Heading for a light rapids

Out for more play where Wolf Creek enters the river

Still lots more rafts coming

Walking up Wolf Creek

The fourth set of rapids on Wolf Creek

Amanda takes a leap of faith and jumps into the hole at the base of the falls

Amanda slides down the slippery slope into the pool

And so does Nancy

This was almost at the end of the trip and brrrrrr, that water was COLD!
Great fun though, and only $25 per person Monday-Friday.

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