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Cunningham Falls State Park, Thurmond, MD May 15-20, 2022 (five nights)

We can reserve sites here in the Catoctin Mountains NOW (9/9/2021). Only the Addison Loop in the William Houck Campground at this state park has electric so we should reserve sites there.

Nearby attractions

Who's coming: (Let Lacy know if you have made your reservation!)

  • Tina Alviar, site 9
  • Paula Beatty, site 14
  • Michael, Jamie and Russell Leichty, site 21
  • Demetrias Brown, site 22 (5/16-18)
  • Nancy, Missy, Lacy and Daisy Kroes, site 23
  • Ed, Peggy and Maddie Kowalski, site 24
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