For Sale: 1969 Serro Scotty 13' Gaucho


This Scotty is a frame-up rebuild, using top quality materials. The interior is birch with solid walnut trim. All outside lights are new. The wiring harness is new (flat four). It is grounded on all four sides, so all running lights work, all the time. It has a new coupler that takes a 2" ball. It has a new heavy duty tongue jack and new heavy duty safety chains. It has a new custom paint job, with the purple being color matched to its new, vintage-style awning. It has a new roof vent. It has three new tires, with less than 2000 miles on them. There is less than 2000 miles on the bearing repack as well. It has new baby moon hubcaps which look great with the purple wheels! The trailer is well sealed using new butyl tape, RV ProFlex and Kool-seal (3 coats on the roof, the rest of the gallon goes with the trailer).

The door was totally rebuilt and has a new Bargman L-66 lockset, which comes with two keys. The access door has a new lockset, which comes with two keys. There is a tongue lock, also with two keys. All windows are in great shape with working handles and screens that are in excellent condition.

New copper wiring was run inside and a second circuit added. The outlets are on one circuit and the light is on another circuit.

This was my forever Scotty, until I found the rarest Scotty of them all, a Rear Door. This Scotty was decorated in a 1950 Scotty dog theme. All decor comes with it. I opted for added storage space since I intended on making many long trips all around the US with this Scotty. Towards that end, I did not put a kitchen back in. I utilized that space for extra storage. I designed the interior of this Scotty to appear somewhat original (except way better built!), but there are subtle differences. All of my cabinets come only to the edge of the drop down floor, instead of overhanging it by 2-3" as original. That makes a more spacious interior. Since it was only me, and my small dog, I opted to put a full-time twin-sized bed across the rear instead of the pull-out couch. I also put cushions only on the seats of the dinette. That could easily be rectified if two sleeping spaces were needed. I opted for comfort in my bed and created a custom mattress by using 4" of firm foam topped with 2" of memory foam, all contained within a custom mattress cover from Knox Foam.

Please check out the below pictures and the two links. E-mail me at the above address if you have any questions. This Scotty is turn-key and ready for camping. All you need to add is your food and your clothes!

This Scotty was under cover while I was working on it. In the spring of 2007, I pulled it out of the garage to finish the rebuild. I did not have the edge strips installed yet and had it under what I thought was a water proof cover. When I removed the cover two weeks, and a couple of rains later, I discovered that water had discolored some of the birch plywood. I know it is there, but no one else has even noticed it unless I point it out to them. Other than that slight problem, the trailer is now well sealed and has never leaked. These are close-up pictures of the discoloration.